Take back control of
your business day

A comprehensive VA service that helps company directors
free up time to run and develop their business. 

Take back control of
your business day

A comprehensive VA service that helps company directors free up time to run and develop their business. 

Are You Trapped in Your
Own Business?

Are you working at an uncomfortably fast pace? Have you been sacrificing your family life and wellbeing? Do you feel like you are “treading water” or simply not achieving results to justify your efforts? 

You’re not alone. The real truth is that life as a business owner often fails to match up to dreams and expectations; it is stressful and exhausting – the very “hamster wheel” of work that you so desperately wanted to get off in your employed life – only faster.  

There is a better way with the right support in place. At Cloud 9, our goal is to help business owners like yourself achieve the business success and lifestyle you desire. 

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Why us, why now?

Hello! My name is Isabella. After years of running my own successful stonemasory business, I founded Cloud 9 to help like-minded business owners achieve their goals and dreams. Having experienced first hand the pressures of running my own business, I fully understand the associated pain points


 I bring a unique perspective, as I’ve seen business from both sides of the fence, having previously worked in high-level secretarial and PA roles.

Save time

We focus on providing an exceptional service, to help you spend less time on repetitive, dull and time-consuming tasks!


We would love to help you towards greater success and happiness by providing a sensible balance between work and play. 

What you’ll get

We strive to leave our clients in a significantly better position. Going above and beyond typical Virtual Assistant or Personal Assistant offerings, we advise, guide and add value and insight at every turn. Furthermore, through strong management and interpersonal skills, our services can help to align your team to be more effective.  

Peace of Mind

Are you ready for that extra pair of hands? Our team bring creativity, attention to detail and resourcefulness to solve problems, take away stress and free up precious time. 

Running a business doesn’t have to be stressful. You can rely on our team to ‘lighten the business load’, giving you the peace of mind that the fundamentals are thoroughly in control. 

Our ability to produce high-volume, quality work, maintain confidentiality and remain calm under pressure is proven; we are often able to anticipate the need for our services and have both the capacity and flexibility to ‘jump in’ at short notice 

Growth-focused Support

Our team comprises of experienced Personal and Virtual Assistants who have sound, professional business experience in various sectors including HR, recruitment and accounting. Our insight and combined business knowledge along with an ‘overview’ perspective, can help you to grow your business sustainably. 

When most small businesses achieve stability, they then discover they don’t have the time to be creative and take their dream further. You may not have all the skills you need to reach your business goals – Cloud 9 can also help you accomplish new tasks without you having to learn new skills!   

Protect your greatest asset - you!

“Lost time is never found again” – Benjamin Franklin 

There’s only so much you can squeeze into a day. And from years of experience, we know a lot of your time could be spent better elsewhere. Burning the midnight oil isn’t always the most productive way to get things done – especially over the long term. As you are your business’ greatest asset, looking after yourself becomes a top priority.  

Time is considered to be the most precious resource. Doing everything yourself, or believing that it’s the only option, could hurt your personal relationships, your health and also your business. Keeping busy is one thing but underutilising your most precious resource – time – is quite another.  


We take pride in knowing that we’ve been able to help our clients. Here are some of our recent testimonials: 

I have been using Isabella for almost 4 months now and I’m very happy about the services she provides.   Isabella is great at communicating, kind and caring and put a smile on my face. Isabella gives me the feeling that she is part of my company and the quality of service is second to none.

Have worked, directly and in directly with Isabella, for well over 10 years, and we will gladly do so again if called upon. We have in that time, forged a huge mutual respect for each other.  Her knowledge and achievements, in the development of her core business was indeed, well respected and earned.

Isabella has always supported me through my years at New Image Stone. She encourages people to grow their capacities and abilities. She always keeps positive and shares her positiveness with everyone around her. She is one of the most organized and timekeeper persons that I know. 

Get started now

Excited and ready to get started, we hope you are 🙂 We have a simple process to get you up and running as soon as possible. This is how we roll.



We dive deep to discover what support you need. We learn about your style, behaviour and structure so that we can tailor our services effectively. 


Choose a plan

After your consultation we find the best plan to match your needs and introduce you to your VA. Setup within 2 days of your consultation. 


Your EA begins

Your Cloud 9 Executive assistant starts work, integrating into your daily operations as you take back control  of your business day.

Our Support Plans


5hrs/week @£35/hr

5 hours of flexible support from a dedicated Cloud 9 Executive Assistant (EA). You choose how you want to use it, all at once or spread throughout the month.

Ideal for start-ups, freelancers or micro businesses.

  • * Fantastic savings compared to hiring a part-time specialist EA, with a starting salary of £35k/annum.


10hrs/week @£32.50/hr

10 hours with a dedicated Cloud 9 Executive Assistant (EA) helping you power up growth. A trained expert, exactly where and when you need it.

Great for growing businesses and small teams.

  • * Fantastic savings compared to hiring a part-time specialist EA, with a starting salary of £35k/annum.


From £1950/month*
15hrs plus/week @£30/hr

15 hours+ of expertise, with a committed Cloud 9 Executive Assistant (EA). Your dependable right-hand EA, trusted with all your business matters.

The perfect solution for scaling businesses and busy teams.

  • * Fantastic savings compared to hiring a part-time specialist EA, with a starting salary of £35k/annum.

Want to manage your own dedicated VA?

We can recruit and match you with your perfect VA. Call us, no obligation to discuss your needs

Prices quoted exclusive of VAT. All Cloud 9 EAs are carefully vetted and have completed a comprehensive training program at the Cloud 9 EA Academy ensuring they are fully equipped to support any business from day 1. To maintain the high standards of service we are so proud of we are on hand to support clients and staff for the duration of your contract.

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