A good rapport with your EVA will save you money

A good rapport with your EVA will save you money… Here’s why?

There is nothing more motivating for an employee than to feel a part of your team. A sense of belonging and camaraderie has been proven to be a key factor that sparks commitment and hard work, creativity and a sense of working towards a common goal.

And this is true not only for employees of an organisation, but it also holds true for external consultants and suppliers like an Executive Virtual Assistant (EVA).

The bottom line is that an EVA is practically the right hand of an executive. His or her job is to make the CEO or CFO’s professional life as easy as possible. It is therefore vital that the relationship and rapport between the executive and the EVA is solid; that there is mutual respect and an ease of communication that allows an almost seamless understanding of what needs to be done.

It’s vital then for an executive who has decided to employ the services of an EVA to invest the time and the money (yes, the money) to build a strong relationship with his or her EVA. The fact that the relationship is virtual shouldn’t really matter because at the end of the day businesses are all about people. Where the person is, especially in the world we live in, shouldn’t matter.

So how will this save me money you might ask…

  • An EVA who feels like part of the team is likely to be more invested in seeing the company grow and succeed. And why not, the company’s success is his or her success.
  • An EVA who understands the “sweat and tears” that’s going into growing and building the company is likely to go the extra mile to find cost-saving solutions for you.
  • Here’s a thought … pay your EVA a retainer. Why? I should just pay on an hourly basis. Of course, you could. But the truth is that when you pay someone on a retainer basis, it implies that you trust them, that you are committed to them as much as they are committed to you. And if you’ve ever hired someone on a retainer, you’ll know that you get much more for your money, both from a time perspective and an output perspective.
  • Remember, an EVA is likely to work with a variety of clients and will have a wide and diverse network. If they feel valued and trusted in the relationship, they won’t hesitate to pick up the phone to give you a helping hand or an introduction to a potential client or supplier.
  • Last but not least, an EVA with whom you have built a relationship of trust and mutual respect will not hesitate to tell you when you could be doing something better. Sometimes, an external eye can take a step back and see the bigger picture; something executives in the midst of a crisis or difficult situation are unable to do.

There are lots of reasons why you should hire a virtual personal assistant- from managing your diary and customer calls to project research and event management. See our virtual assistant monthly packages here. But the bottom-line is this… the word virtual is simply not important. An EVA is a part of your team and should feel like a valued member of the business to get the most out of his or her services.

At Cloud 9 Executives, we genuinely care about our clients – professionally AND personally – and we’re completely dedicated to your success. We offer a flexible, reliable and responsive service at a very competitive price. Do get in touch if you think we can be a valuable addition to your team.

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