What does an Executive Assistant do?

Executive Assistants are the right-hand to the CEO. They provide direct support to company executives, managing their email inbox  and calendars. 

Unlike Administrative Assistants, Executive Assistants also give out professional advice and recommendations, in addition to completing a variety of clerical tasks. They often act as representatives, liaising with individuals and organisations on behalf of executives, and may coordinate Public Relations activities.

The finest executive assistants take on a gatekeeper position, deputising for their principal when needed. They are comfortable making decisions on their behalf, delegating work, hosting meetings and implementing requests. Depending on the working environment, they may also act in an advisory capacity, liaising with senior-level management on strategic issues across multiple elements of the business.

This is where pure experience comes into play. The more exposure you have to your principal’s decision-making processes, working style and knowledge, the more comfortable you will be in representing them. Therefore, be sure to observe, listen and ask questions wherever possible – the more you know, the better!

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